what is a health check text

Murley’s brilliant health check is designed to give you peace of mind.
Your vehicle is equipped with over 30,000 components, which are all prone to wear. Although we cannot check every single one, we endeavour to check those that really matter to your everyday driving, to make sure you stay on the road for longer with less outlay.

This initial check will help you understand your vehicles condition. Many vehicles have passed our health check with flying colours, but if we find something that is of concern, we highlight this in our report, so that the choice is yours to allow us to carry out any replacement components.
Running a vehicle with a fault or multiple faults is not only costly, but very dangerous to yourself and other road users, this is why a simple health check allows us to see if those all important wear and tear items are still up to the task. 

Covering any make of vehicle, our comprehensive vehicle health check will check lights, steering, tyres, brakes, battery, wipers, fluid levels and exhaust.

As part of the check, we will top up your oil (Up to 1ltr), your washer fluid, power steering fluid and coolant.

TRAFFIC LIGHTYour vehicles health check will be subjected to our traffic light system. All items on the check list are thoroughly inspected to ensure we are happy with our decision.

We will never replace anything for you without your prior permission and you are under no obligation to have any amber or red work carried out with Murley. It is used purely for the guideance and safety of your vehicles condition.

However, if we highlight something of concern and you wish to proceed, our service team are on hand to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

The cost of this peace of mind ? Just £24.99 inc VAT

If you would like to book an appointment to have a vehicle health check carried out on your vehicle, please contact one of our branches by clicking the link below.